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  1. Listen Again: Share Radio News Hour

    Listen Again: Share Radio News Hour

    Each day between 1 and 2 pm we examine all the major news stories and trends which impact on the global economy and investor sentiment. Topics are dictated by the day's biggest financial and business news and range from the domestic to the global. For the first half hour we are joined by an expert economist or investment analyst in the studio to put the news in context. And in the second half hour we select our favourite stories and break them down in greater detail. By the end of the hour listeners are updated on all the news that influencing the financial world.


    16 minutes ago

  2. Chris Cowdrey

    Chris Cowdrey

    Former England cricket captain Chris Cowdrey recently spoke to David Eggleston on Saturday Sport. Chris is embarking on a UK theatre tour with another former England captain and his lifetime friend David Gower. The show Gower, Cowdrey and the Holy Bail includes a night at the Assembly Hall in Tunbridge Wells on Friday 3 March. […]


    39 minutes ago

  3. Flavour: Cambridge Foodies on TV

    Flavour: Cambridge Foodies on TV

    Two local foodies explain how their interest in food led to TV appearances: Ozzy Beck talks about his forthcoming appearance in BBC One’s Yes Chef and Jo Christy (Miss Sue Flay) explains how her food blog led to TV and also to setting up her own company. Kitchen utensils? Tine Roche on why just saying […]


    53 minutes ago

  4. The Archers : 20/02/2017

    The Archers : 20/02/2017

    Eddie goes a step too far, and Harrison tries to drum up support.


    1 hour ago

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