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  1. Hanna Neter (21st January)

    Hanna Neter (21st January)

    Hanna sits in for Ellie to ease you in to Saturday.


    25 minutes ago

  2. Managing My Money. Saturday Series. Week 8 - Episode 16

    Managing My Money. Saturday Series. Week 8 - Episode 16

    Glen Goodman and Annie Weston have done the impossible - they've made finance fun! They use humour, music and sketches to help you learn all you need to know about money. From savings to mortgages to insurance, it's all part of an official Open University course with a certificate at the end to prove how financially savvy you are.nEach week of the 8-week course has two episodes, and there's a quiz at the end of each pair of episodes, with a final test at the end of the course. Sign-up/login and monitor your progress - you can also have progress reports sent to another person. New entrants can start the course afresh each fortnight: simply choose when you listen using the broadcast schedule.nIf you miss an episode, just catch up using the podcast links below. And as you listen, you can view the accompanying slides.nFinally, please remember that this course is educational guidance, not financial advice. Enjoy!


    25 minutes ago

  3. Annie Caulfield - Glass Chair Chair Glass

    Annie Caulfield - Glass Chair Chair Glass

    4 Extra Debut. What might have happened if Tommy Cooper had met Eugene Ionesco in Paris in 1975? Comedy starring Russ Abbot and Allan Corduner.


    55 minutes ago

  4. Early Breakfast (21st January)

    Early Breakfast (21st January)

    Whether it's for work or pleasure, if you're an early are we! Join us for a great music mix in the early hours!


    1 hour ago

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